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January 12, 1971 "The time for racial discrimination is over" announces Jimmy Carter, Georgia's new governor, shocking a mostly white Georgia crowd
  Jimmy Carter
January 17, 1971 Furman v. Georgia argued before the Supreme Court
January 21, 1971 Richard B. Russell dies, Washington, DC
  Richard B. Russell, Jr.
February 2, 1971 David Gambrell is appointed to fill Richard B. Russell's seat in the U. S. Senate
February 3, 1971 An explosion at a Thiokol chemical plant killed 34 people and injured 150.
  Thiokol Chemical Explosion near Woodbine, Georgia
  Camden County, Georgia
February 15, 1971 A massive restructuring plan for Georgia's bureaucracy is signed into law by Jimmy Carter
  Jimmy Carter
February 27, 1971 Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas born, Atlanta
February 28, 1971 Atlanta Airport is renamed William B. Hartsfield Atlanta Airport
March 12, 1971 Allman Brothers band begins a two night set at New York's Fillmore East. It is recorded and released later this year.
  Duane Allman and the Allman Brothers Band
April 23, 1971 Two waves of storms, which included tornadoes that registered F3 on the Fujita-Pearson scale, swept through Georgia destroying more than a million dollars in property, killing one person and injuring 23. Counties affected were Polk, Gwinnett, Douglas, Dekalb, Carroll, Screven, Paulding, Randolph, Houstoun, Troup, Macon, Dooly, Sumter, Chatham, Lanier, Tattnall, and Wilcox.
  Wilcox County, Georgia
  Douglas County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
April 27, 1971 Henry Aaron hits his 600th home run
  Hank Aaron
April 29, 1971 An F2 tornado sets down in Grady County, causing 2.5 million in property damage
  Georgia Tornadoes
  Grady County, Georgia
April 30, 1971 In a matter of minutes areas in Ware County receive 2.75 inches of hail
April 30, 1971 Last passenger service run between Macon and Atlanta (on the Nancy Hanks)
May 1, 1971 The Georgian, L&N's St. Louis to Atlanta service, pulls into Union Station for the last time. The building is closed and razed to make way for Underground Atlanta.
May 27, 1971 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes born, Philadelphia, PA
  Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes
May 31, 1971 Representing Benjamin Hill's "New South," Gov. Jimmy Carter makes the first of many appearances on the cover of Time magazine
  Jimmy Carter
June 21, 1971 In Jenness v. Fortson the Supreme Court upholds Georgia's "5% Rule." The rule, passed in 1943, requires a new political party to secure signatures of registered voters equal to 5% of the voters in the previous election to secure a position on the ballot.
July 1, 1971 First international flight arrives at Hartsfield, from Mexico. Atlanta's Board of Alders (now the city council) vote to rename the field William B. Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport
October 4, 1971 Georgia ratifies the 26th Amendment, setting the voting age to 18
  Georgia, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the United States Constitution
October 23, 1971 Coca-Cola introduces "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing," one of its best remembered campaigns
October 25, 1971 Live at the Fillmore East is certified as a Gold album
  Duane Allman and the Allman Brothers Band
October 29, 1971 Duane Allman dies in Macon
  City of Macon, Georgia
  Duane Allman and the Allman Brothers Band
November 9, 1971 Referendum passes, allowing the start of MARTA, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rail Transit System
  Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)
November 13, 1971 Gov. Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn walk the trails in the incomplete Georgia Botanical Garden in Athens. He agrees to allocate state funds to complete the garden.
December 13, 1971 Doe v. Bolton argued before the Supreme Court
  Roe v. Wade expanded in ruling on Doe v. Bolton
December 18, 1971 Bobby Jones, 69, dies, Atlanta, Georgia
  Bobby Jones
December 31, 1971 Georgia defeats North Carolina 7-3 in the Gator Bowl
  Vince Dooley
  University of Georgia's post-season appearances
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