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January 3, 1973 Andrew Young elected representative of the Fifth District.
  Andrew Young
January 8, 1973 Ice fell in Atlanta and north Georgia, followed by an unusual 96 hour below freezing period. Restoring power took more than a week.
January 22, 1973 Using the Roe v. Wade ruling made earlier in the day, the Supreme Court decides to dramatically widen its pro-choice ruling by striking down Georgia's more liberal abortion laws. Although it is Roe v. Wade that is normally cited, it was Doe v. Bolton that is the landmark ruling on laws prohibiting abortions.
  Roe v. Wade expanded in ruling on Doe v. Bolton
February 8, 1973 Savannah records 3.6 inches of snow - most in 100 years
  City of Savannah, Georgia
February 10, 1973 More snow for Georgia as a storm dumps up to 18 inches in the northeast
March 26, 1973 After a 3-5 season the Atlanta Braves release 28-year old Denny McLain
March 28, 1973 Governor Jimmy Carter signs the re-drafted death penalty into law. The earlier version had been ruled arbitrary and discriminatory against blacks in Furman v. Georgia
March 31, 1973 Clayton, Walton, Oconee, Clarke, and Oglethorpe Counties report nearly a billion dollars in damage, more than a hundred injuries and two deaths from a strong storm with embedded tornadoes
  Clarke County, Georgia
  Clayton County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
April 3, 1973 Lynyrd Skynyrd records Freebird at Studio 1 in Doraville
April 9, 1973 Georgian Tommy Aaron wins the Masters in Augusta
  City of Augusta, Georgia
  Masters Tournament
May 5, 1973 Carl Issacs, Wayne Coleman and George Dungee escape from Maryland State Prison. They pick up Billy Issacs, Carl's 15 year-old brother
  Alday family murders
May 5, 1973 Senator Sam Nunn introduces a bill in the U. S. Senate to create the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.
May 10, 1973 Richard Miller is abducted in McConnellsburg, PA. He is murdered in Allegheny County, MD.
  Alday family murders
May 14, 1973 Carl Issacs, Billy Issacs, and Wayne Coleman enter the Alday home in Seminole County (Donalsonville), Georgia looking for money and guns. The Maryland work camp escapees kill Jerry Alday, his father Ned, two brothers and an uncle. Jerry's wife Mary, who had witnessed some of the killing, was forced into a car and raped repeatedly before she was killed.
  Alday family murders
  Seminole County, Georgia
May 15, 1973 The body of Mary Alday is discovered.
  Alday family murders
May 17, 1973 On the day that the Alday family is buried, West Virginia police capture George Dungee, first of the Issacs gang to fall into custody.
  Alday family murders
May 18, 1973 West Virginia police capture Carl Issacs, Billy Issacs and Wayne Coleman
  Alday family murders
May 28, 1973 Clarke County suffers 25 million dollars in damage and 65 injured from a F3 tornado
  Clarke County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
July 21, 1973 Henry Aaron hits his 700th home run
  Hank Aaron
July 24, 1973 John Ehrlichman is questioned by Georgia Senator Herman Talmadge during the Watergate hearings.
August 17, 1973 Conrad Potter Aiken died, Savannah, Georgia
  Savannah, Georgia births and deaths
September 16, 1973 The Atlanta Falcons defeat the New Orleans Saints by a score of 62-7, the biggest win in franchise history.
  Atlanta Falcons
October 16, 1973 Maynard Jackson becomes the first African-American Mayor of Atlanta. Thomas Bradley (Los Angeles) and Coleman Young (Detroit) were also elected mayors this year.
October 27, 1973 Gladys Knight's Midnight Train to Georgia reaches #1 on Billboard's pop chart. She made significant changes to the original tune, Midnight Plane to Houston
November 6, 1973 Forsyth County courthouse burns
  Forsyth County, Georgia
November 18, 1973 President Richard M. Nixon visits Robins Air Force Base
December 9, 1973 Speaker of the house George L. Smith dies, Atlanta
  George Leon Smith II
December 9, 1973 George Leon Smith dies
December 13, 1973 Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter appears on The New What's My Line, hosted by Larry Blyden, with panel members Gene Shalit, Dana Valery, Arlene Francis and Soupy Sales. They are unable to determine that he is governor of Georgia.
  Jimmy Carter
December 13, 1973 At about 11:20am an F3 tornado strikes Hall County, near Gainesville, and causes 3.0 million in property damage, injuring 21
  Georgia Tornadoes
December 28, 1973 Georgia defeats Maryland 17-16 in the Peach Bowl
  Vince Dooley
  University of Georgia's post-season appearances
December 31, 1973 Jury selection begins in Seminole County for Carl Issacs. The racially mixed jury has six women.
  Alday family murders
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