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January 3, 1992 Washington Redskins defeat the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Division playoff, 24-7
  Atlanta Falcons
February 7, 1992 In a copyrighted story in the New York Post, Mike McAlary claims that Bert Lance and Jack Stephens made millions on the bankruptcy of BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International).
  Bert Lance
February 25, 1992 Ooooooohhh...On the TLC Tip, by Atlanta based TLC is released. Three songs became hits, "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg," "What About Your Friends," and "Baby, Baby, Baby."
March 1, 1992 Work on the Georgia Dome is completed, making it the largest cable supported fabric roof in the world
  The Georgia Dome
March 6, 1992 Severe thunderstorms strike across the state of Georgia, with Marietta receiving 6 inches of hail
March 23, 1992 Martha McChesney Berry, Lucy Craft Laney, Juliette Gordon Low, Sara Branham (Matthews) and Flannery O'Connor are the first inductees into the Georgia Women of Achievement
  Martha Berry
  Flannery O'Connor
March 31, 1992 U. S. Supreme Court rules, in Freeman v. Pitts, dismissal of a 1969 ruling ordering the Dekalb County (GA.) School System to bus students to desegregate schools. The dismissal came because the schools had been integrated.
June 29, 1992 MARTA's fare increases to $1.25
  Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)
July 18, 1992 Pop diva Whitney Houston marries R&B artist Bobby Brown in New Jersey
August 15, 1992 Travis Tritt releases T-R-O-U-B-L-E
  Travis Tritt
September 6, 1992 Atlanta Falcons play their first regular season game in the Georgia Dome, defeating the New York Jets 20-17
  Atlanta Falcons
  The Georgia Dome
September 8, 1992 The New York Times closes the Gwinnett Daily News after failing to make it a money-making operation.
September 21, 1992 Albany's Carnegie Library begins a new life -- as the home of the Albany Area Arts Council
  Albany, Georgia
October 3, 1992 Strong storms move east from the Gulf of Mexico along the southern tier of Georgia counties. Brunswick, Georgia received 10 inches of rain
October 9, 1992 Alan Jackson releases Lot About Livin' (and a Little 'bout Love) with the song "Chattahoochee" on it. The album becomes a favorite in Georgia
October 11, 1992 Deion Sanders becomes the first player to participate in two pro sports games in the same day, playing for Atlanta Falcons on Sunday afternoon, then flying back to Pittsburg to play in the National League Championship Series with the Atlanta Braves. Often overlooked in this accomplishment is the fact that he had played with the Braves in Pittsbugh on Saturday night.
  Atlanta Falcons
October 14, 1992 Atlanta Braves beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 4 games to 3.
  Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves
October 24, 1992 Atlanta Braves lose the 1992 World Series to the Toronto Blue Jays, 4-2
  Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves
November 3, 1992 Georgia lottery is approved by the voters
  Georgia Lottery
November 3, 1992 William Clinton wins Georgia, with George Bush second and Ross Perot third; Wyche Fowler wins the popular vote for U. S. Senate, but fails to gain the required majority, forcing a run-off against Paul Coverdell. Cynthia McKinney is elected to become the first black woman to serve in the U. S. House of Representatives from the state of Georgia.
  Paul Coverdell
  Cynthia McKinney
November 22, 1992 Sterling Holloway dies, Los Angeles, California
November 22, 1992 Storms, including at least two F4 tornadoes, account for more than 50 million dollars in property damage, 153 injured and 6 dead. Hardest hit were Cobb and Putnam Counties
  Putnam County, Georgia
  Cobb County, Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
November 24, 1992 In a run-off election Georgia selects Republican Paul Coverdell as U. S. Senator over incumbent Democrat Wyche Fowler
  Paul Coverdell
November 25, 1992 The Bodygaurd starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston is released
  Whitney Houston
November 29, 1992 Sara Tokars, a Marietta homemaker, is killed in front of her two young children.
  Marietta, GA
  Fred Tokars orders a 'hit' on his wife
December 1, 1992 Following devastating storms that hit the state the previous month, portions of Georgia are declared federal disaster areas
December 23, 1992 Eddie Lawrence and Toozdae Rower are indicted on murder charges in the death of Sara Tokars
  Fred Tokars orders a 'hit' on his wife
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