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January 1, 1994 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, a story about Jim Williams of Savannah, who was tried four times (and convicted three times) for the murder of Danny Hansford, is published.
  City of Savannah, Georgia
  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
January 10, 1994 Houston Street is renamed John Wesley Dobbs Avenue.
January 14, 1994 Ralph David Abernathy III, is stopped in East Point, GA. and charged with running a red light, failure to yield to an Emergency Vehicle, and Reckless Driving
  Ralph David Abernathy III
January 27, 1994 Claude Akins dies, Altadena, California
  Claude Akins
January 30, 1994 Super Bowl XXVIII is held at the Georgia Dome, Atlanta where the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Buffalo Bills, 30 to 13.
  The Georgia Dome
February 23, 1994 Hannah Dakota Fanning born, Conyers, Georgia
  Dakota Fanning
March 21, 1994 The city of Augusta dedicates a monument to Emily Tubman near the corner of Green and 7th St. in downtown Augusta.
  Emily Tubman
March 24, 1994 Emily Tubman is inducted into the Georgia Women of Achievement.
  Emily Tubman
March 27, 1994 The Palm Sunday Killer tornadoes destroy a church in Piedmont, AL (west of Cedartown) before killing 18 in Georgia
  Georgia Tornadoes
April 1, 1994 National Weather Service central office opens in Peachtree City. Atlanta Airport office closes in Oct., 1996
  National Weather Service
April 26, 1994 Atlanta based hip-hop group OutKast releases their first album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
May 9, 1994 President Clinton appoints Clarence Cooper to the United States District Court as a Judge for the Northern District of Georgia
  Clarence Cooper
June 9, 1994 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes sets fire to a home she shares with Atlanta Falcon's football player Andre Rison in the Country Club of the South near Alpharetta.
  Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes
June 16, 1994 Lisa Lopes checks into a alcoholism rehab center
  Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes
June 17, 1994 Eddie Lawrence pleads guilty in the murder of Sara Tokars
  Fred Tokars orders a 'hit' on his wife
June 18, 1994 A tropical wave forms over western Africa
  Tropical Storm Alberto
June 29, 1994 Thunderstorms from a weak tropical system hit Cuba
  Tropical Storm Alberto
June 30, 1994 Hurricane hunters return with information from the tropical depression off the coast of Cuba. NOAA declares it the first named storm of the 1994 hurricane season
  Tropical Storm Alberto
July 1, 1994 HOPE Scholarship expands to cover four years of college.
July 3, 1994 Alberto comes ashore at Destin, Florida as a tropical storm (not a hurricane, sustained winds were less than 75 mph)
  Tropical Storm Alberto
July 5, 1994 Having moved slowly north across the Florida panhandle, Alberto tracked slowly north until it stopped south of Atlanta
  Tropical Storm Alberto
July 6, 1994 Release date for Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks, Robin Penn Wright and Sally Field. The movie featured locations in Savannah.
  City of Savannah, Georgia
  Movies filmed in Georgia
July 6, 1994 Tropical Storm Alberto causes the worst flooding in the history of Georgia, inundating a wide area of the state and causing the Flint, Ocmulgee, and Chattahoochee Rivers to reach record high levels
  Tropical Storm Alberto
July 7, 1994 The storm finally rains itself out over central Alabama
  Tropical Storm Alberto
July 7, 1994 Ocmulgee River crests in Macon at 35.4 ft, new record (Hurricane Alberto).
  Tropical Storm Alberto
July 8, 1994 Flint River, Montezuma, crests at 35 ft above flood level. (All-time record, Hurricane Alberto)
  Tropical Storm Alberto
July 14, 1994 Flash floods in Terrell County. Sheriff Department reported numerous flash flooding of roads due to rising creek that had been inundated by rain. A woman died when her car was swept off a road in Dawson by the floodwater of the Chickasawhatchee River
July 17, 1994 Atlanta receives a record 14th day of rain. Its 17.71 monthly total for July remains a record
August 12, 1994 First Union acquires three branches of the Cobb Federal Savings Association
  Wachovia and First Union Banks
October 13, 1994 24 hour rainfall at Hunter, Georgia: 14.26 inches
October 13, 1994 14.26 inches of rain falls on Hunter, GA. 8.80 falls on Savannah
  City of Savannah, Georgia
November 15, 1994 TLC's Crazysexycool is released
November 18, 1994 Georgia Lottery introduces Fantasy 5
  Georgia Lottery
December 2, 1994 Cobb, starring Tommy Lee Jones as Ty Cobb, and Robert Wuhl, is released. Filming locations include Royston, GA (Ty Cobb's home town) and Athens.
  Ty Cobb
  Movies filmed in Georgia
December 9, 1994 Historic marker marking the house of Emily Tubman in Augusta is dedicated
  Emily Tubman
December 20, 1994 Dean Rusk dies, Athens, Georgia
  Dean Rusk
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