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January 7, 1997 Newt Gingrich is elected Speaker of the House for a second time
  Newt Gingrich
January 10, 1997 80 acres of land including the historic Powers Cabin are added to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area
January 16, 1997 Explosion at the Sandy Springs Professional building draws authorities to the site where the Atlanta Northside Family Planning Service offices are located inside. A second bomb detonates shortly thereafter, injuring seven.
  Eric Rudolph and the Atlanta Area bombings
January 19, 1997 Poet/writer James Dickey died (lung disease), Columbia, South Carolina
  James Dickey
January 21, 1997 The U. S. House votes in favor of the punishment recommended by the Ethics Committee, a $300,000 fine for funding a college course that he taught with tax-exempt funds
  Newt Gingrich
February 10, 1997 Jeff Foxworthy and Marla Maples appear on Fox TV's Vicki Lawrence Show
February 21, 1997 The Otherside Lounge is the target of two bombs, the first injuring five people, the second harmlessly detonated outside the bar.
  Eric Rudolph and the Atlanta Area bombings
March 5, 1997 Yasser Arafat travels to Plains, GA (Sumter County) to meet former President Jimmy Carter
  Jimmy Carter
  Sumter County, Georgia
March 8, 1997 Fred Tokars is convicted of murder in the death of his wife, Sara
  Fred Tokars orders a 'hit' on his wife
March 15, 1997 Rep. Bob Barr writes Henry Hyde (R-Ill.), Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, requesting a review of Clinton and Gore campaign financing problems and if they might lead to impeachment. It is the first time that formal steps are taken to impeach Clinton
April 3, 1997 Poole's Mill Covered Bridge park opens in Forsyth County
  Forsyth County, Georgia
April 4, 1997 First National League game at Turner Field, Atlanta Braves lose to the Chicago Cubs, 5-4. It is only the fifth field used by the Braves as a home field in more than 125 years of playing baseball
  Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves
  Ted Turner
April 6, 1997 Georgia lottery introduces Cash 4
  Georgia Lottery
April 21, 1997 "Uga," the mascot for the University of Georgia, appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine
  University of Georgia, Athens (UGA)
April 22, 1997 Digital signature act is signed into law
May 16, 1997 Margaret Mitchell house, where the author lived as she penned Gone With The Wind, is dedicated and opens to the public.
  Margaret Mitchell
June 5, 1997 Georgia Attorney General Michael Bowers admits to an extramarital affair
  Bowers admits to Affair
June 10, 1997 Groundbreaking on the new Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in Macon
  City of Macon, Georgia
June 10, 1997 Groundbreaking for the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, Macon, Georgia
June 25, 1997 Ted Turner is awarded a National Hockey League franchise
  Atlanta Thrashers
August 2, 1997 Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium is demolished. It takes 30 seconds for explosive charges to level the building
  Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves
  Fulton County, Georgia
August 3, 1997 Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Phil Niekro (1966-1983, 1987) is inducted into the Baseball Hame of Fame, Cooperstown, New York as a player, winning 80.34% of the vote (380 votes on 473 ballots). He is most noted for his knuckleball.
  Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves
August 14, 1997 Leo F. Mullin is elected President and CEO of Delta Airlines
  Delta Air Lines
August 25, 1997 Lun-Lun, a female giant panda is born in China
September 7, 1997 F-22 Raptor fighter takes off for the first time from Dobbins Air Force Base. After a flight of just over an hour, Paul Metz returned the plane to Dobbins.
September 7, 1997 Yang-Yang, a male giant panda, is born
September 19, 1997 L. A. Confidential, with Kim Basinger in a supporting role, opens in the United States.
  Kim Basinger
October 18, 1997 Roberto Goizueta, Chairman of the board and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company dies from cancer at Atlanta's Emory Hospital
October 22, 1997 11-year-old Levi Frady leaves a friends house in Forsyth County. It is the last time anyone sees him alive.
  Levi Frady
October 23, 1997 The body of 11-year old Levi Frady is found in the Dawson Forest
  Levi Frady
November 5, 1997 Monica Lewinsky speaks with Clinton pal Vernon Jordan, looking for a job. She had just been listed as a potential witness against President Clinton in a sexual harassment case filed by Paula Jones
  Vernon Jordan
November 20, 1997 Giant panda bear exhibit featuring Lun-Lun and Yang-Yang opens amid great fanfare at ZooAtlanta in Grant Park
November 23, 1997 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil starring John Cusack and Kevin Spacey opens to mixed reviews.
December 3, 1997 Authorities discovered more than a quarter ounce of marijuana in the underpants of state senator Ralph David Abernathy III (D-Atlanta)
  Ralph David Abernathy III
December 8, 1997 Earliest date the Clinton White House admits asking Vernon Jordan to find a job for Monica Lewinsky.
  Vernon Jordan
December 19, 1997 Republicans call for impeachment of Ralph David Abernathy III
  Ralph David Abernathy III
December 19, 1997 Charges of obstructing a police officer are dropped against Georgia quarterback Mike Bobo.
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